"Virginia came highly recommended by a close family friend. From our first meeting, Virginia was understanding, personable and knowledgeable. She was compassionate to my situation and never made me feel I couldn't ask her for a more detailed explanation. I highly recommend Virginia and would use her services again." J.L. June 7, 2012.

"Virginia is extremely personable and kind to her clients in their time of need. Equally she is able to provide comfort through her ability and experience while being strategic and tough through the law. This combination of traits is very rare in an attorney in this city and it separates her from the rest." K.S. June 5, 2012

"Virginia was extremely professional, knowledgable and supportive while providing me immediate feedback and impeccable service during her time as my attorney." J.S. December 30, 2011

"Virginia Alvarez is a talented, articulate and dynamic attorney with whom I've had the pleasure working for. She is professional and attentive to all her clients. I've enjoyed working with her and would highly recommend her legal services." N.I. January 4, 2012

I noted Virginia's enthusiasm for her job. Furthermore, Virginia was extremely patient with me and took the time to explain aspects that I did not understand. I also took notice of her hard work which showed her commitment to her clients. L.M. July 13, 2011

"Virgina is a very detail-oriented person and very dedicated to her clientsShe is a wonderful advocate and would be an asset to any client." D.N. July 5, 2011

"I have been a client of Attorney Alvarez for the past three years and she has worked diligently to legally represent me in a number of cases. She is effective in her delivery of legal services to her client base and is diligent to represent their cause. She is trustworthy, innovative, motivated, personable and very proficient." G.W. June 29, 2011

"Virginia Alvarez is an exceptionable professional and has always conducted business to the highest of levels. Her accuracy and efficiency are just a few of her wonderful traits." S.S. March 31, 2010

"Virginia is an extremely knowledgeable attorney. She handles herself expertly in challenging situations, always rising to the occasion to meet challenges head on. Her attention to detail is impecable. Virginia has an excellent ability to articulate the matter at hand. She is an excellent attorney and would be an asset as representation." A.B. May 29, 2008